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schedule of charges 

Account Maintenance & Closure

• Keep your monthly average balance of AED 2,500
• Spend on debit card is AED 1,000/- or more, per month
• Having a credit card or other asset products offered under the new proposition
• Salary transfer of AED 4,000/- or more
If you're unable to do any of the above15.75
Account Closure Fee (if closed within 6 months)*26.25
* Refer email sent for Terms and conditions
**Deducted on the first Friday of every month (Accounts with monthly average balance of AED 2,500 or more are exempted)


Rabbit Credit Cards

Annual fee - Al Islami Credit CardFree
Monthly Profit Rate on SalamUp to 3.25%
Reissuance or Replacement Fee (Charge/Others)52.50
Late payment Fee236.25
International Usage Fee (Non AED)****2.26%
International Usage Fee (AED)****2.09%
Cash Withdrawal Fee*94.50
Returned Cheque105.00
Duplicate statement ee47.25
Copy of Sales Voucher26.25
Upgrade Fee***288.75
Credit Shield Takaful Fee0.94%
Annual Fee for Supplementary & Internet CardsFree
Cash on Card/Balance Transfer/Easy Payment Plan Profit RateUp to 3.15% per month *****
Issuance of Liability Letter52.50
*Charged for every multiple of (and up to) AED 3,000.
**Cash Withdrawal fee for non-DIB ATM’s made Internationally
***In Case of Temporary Credit Limit Increase.
****Excludes any Charge applied by Visa International.
*****In the form of Reversal of reward.

Annual fee billed will not be reversed if the card is activated, used or cancelled

Statements & Certificates

Downloading of E-statementsFree
Account statement for the previous year (per cycle)26.25
Account statement via post outside regular cycle (per statement)26.25
Certificate issued to Economic Depts. in UAE52.5
Confirmation of Balances Certificate of Audit Firms52.5
Other certificates to whom it may concern/as per customer request52.5

Card Issuance

New CardFree
Card Replacement/Re-issuance (damaged due to technical problem)Free
Card Replacement/Re-issuance (damaged / lost card/pin)26.25
Copy of Sales Voucher26.25
Transaction Protect Fee40.95


Cash WithdrawalFree
Balance EnquiryFree
Declined TransactionFree


Cash Withdrawal2 (per transaction)
Balance Enquiry1 (per transaction)
Declined Transaction1 (per transaction)

ATMs in GCC countries

Cash Withdrawal6 (per transaction)
Balance Enquiry3 (per transaction)

International ATMs

Foreign Currency Withdrawal15.75 (per transaction)
International Usage Fee (Non AED)*2.10%
International Usage Fee (AED)*2.09%
*Excludes any Charge applied by Visa International


Dubai Islamic Debit CardsFree

Money Transfer

Transfers/payment Orders (dirhams or foreign currency) credited to beneficiary having accounts with DIBFree
By Rabbit App (local)1.05+ CB charges
Fund transfers/payment Orders (dirhams or foreign currency) credited to beneficiary having accounts with DIBFree
Issuing Manager's Cheque in UAE Currency 31.5
Cancellation of Manager's Cheque52.5
Express Transfer Processing Fee10

Bank Letters

Issuance of Liability Letter63
Other Certificates & Statements52.5
Issuance of No Objection/Clearance Letter52.5

Transfer within Rabbit

Request Free

Direct debit

Insufficient Balance (Direct Debit)26.25

Bill Payment

All Utilities Free





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